Wheel Cleaners and Tire Dressings

"New" Meguiar's "Mirror Bright" Wheel Cleaner 22oz.

Your best choice for safely cleaning all wheel types including, chrome, polished aluminum, painted, powder coated and anodized wheels. Also safe on brake components too! The pH balanced formula safely dissolves iron deposits. The foaming action clings to wheels allowing specialized chemicals to safely do their work.


Meguiar's Endurance Tire Dressing 15oz. Aerosol Spray

Endurance Aerosol Spray tire dressing is a significant advancement in tire dressing and protection technology. Endurance Aerosol Spray protects against UV damage and tire browning while providing high-gloss shine that lasts for weeks.


Hot Rims All Wheel and Tire Cleaner 24oz Trigger Spray

Safely cleans away brake dust and road grime from wheels and tires. Safe for use on all factory coated wheels. Meguiar's unique "Xtreme Cling" technology helps the foam to stay put longer on wheels and tires to thoroughly attack road grime and brake dust. Simply spray on cool wheel, allow to work for a few moments and spray off with clean water. For stubborn dirt, scrub All Wheel & Tire Cleaner with a brush, then rinse clean.

Note: Not safe for use on uncoated/bare aluminum wheels. For uncoated aluminum wheels, use Meguiar's Aluminum Wheel Cleaner.



Non-Acid Wheel and Tire Cleaner 1 Gal.
This is what everyone has been waiting for... A professional quality wheel and tire cleaner similar to Meguiar's popular retail line Hot Rims Wheel & Tire Cleaner but in an economical ready to use 1 gallon size. No diluting or mixing necessary! This non-acid wheel and tire cleaner quickly and safely cleans away brake dust and road grime, cleaning not only the wheels but also the tire side walls as well. For use on factory and OEM clear-coated wheels.

Not to be used on bare aluminum, anodized or powder-coated finishes.


Gold Class Endurance Tire Protectant 16oz Gel
Meguiar's Endurance Long-lasting Tire Protectant. Lasts longer than other leading tire treatments and prevents your tires from turning brown.
Available in either Natural or High Gloss formula.

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EZ Detail Wheel Brush
Finally, the wheel brush we have all been waiting for! A top quality, versatile, detailing brush that can reach in, around and behind wheels! Including tight spaces previously inaccessible. The EZ Detail Brush is the only brush you will ever need for cleaning automotive and motorcycle wheels.

  •   Soft non abrasive bristles compress to clean tight spaces without scratching.
  •   Flexible vinyl coated stem safely reaches in, around and behind wheels.
  •   Bonded vinyl safety tip.




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