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"New" Meguiar's "Mirror Bright" Detailing Spray 22oz Spray

Thanks to modern chemistry and Meguiar's quest for innovative and effective products, this truly "all surface" product is the most effective way to maintain that just detailed appearance on both the exterior AND interior of your vehicle. Removes dust, fingerprints and light contaminants from all exterior and interior finishes. Exterior - Safe on all exterior paints, plastic and chrome, leaves paint with a brilliant shine. Interior - Safe on leather & vinyl surfaces, interior chrome trim, plastics, navigation screen and instrument clusters. Does NOT leave interior with a shiny greasy look.


Meguiar's Ultimate Compound 15.2oz

This revolutionary compound developed by Meguiar's utilizes their "super micro-abrasive technology" to safely and quickly remove light oxidation, scratches, swirls and paint defects such as water spots, from all paint finishes including clear coats, without scratching! Ultimate Compound works fast and easily leaving a clear paint finish ready for polish and wax.

For use by hand or with a DA or random orbital polisher.


Meguiar's M85 Diamond Cut Compound 2.0 32oz.

For use with a rotary polisher, Diamond Cut Compound uses diminishing abrasive technology to level sanding scratches and remove severe paint defects. This is an effective product for neglected and oxidized paints. Safe for use on OEM clear coats, high solids, lacquers and enamel paints. Low dusting and low splatter formula cleans up easily


Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Wax 16oz. Spray

Simply spray on and wipe off! That's it! Ultimate Quik wax is a synthetic non-whitening formula wax which produces amazing results in just minutes with minimal effort. Meguiar's Hydrophobic Polymer Technology in this wax provides paint protection and relentless water beading action, leaving your paint with a rich shine in minimal time.


New! Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit
The easy solution to repair severely damaged headlights. This user friendly sanding & buffing headlight restoration kit restores clarity to neglected, oxidized & scratched headlights. Plus, the Included Headlight Protectant provides UV protection & keeps restored headlights looking "like-new" longer.
Kit includes:

  • 1000 Unigrit Sanding Disc (Foam Finishing Disc)
  • 3000 Unigrit Sanding Disc (Foam Finishing Disc)
  • Unigrit Hand Pad
  • Drill-operated Easy-Buff Pad
  • PlastX
  • Supreme Shine MF Towel (X2010)
  • Headlight & Plastic Restorer (4 oz / 120 ml)


Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax Anywhere 26oz.
This product is DEFINITELY NOT a dry wash like other manufactures promote. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax Anywhere is a revolutionary new product that safely lifts away light to moderate surface dirt, leaving behind a beautiful shine and protective layer of hydrophobic wax . If your car is a little too dirty for a detailer and there is no water and bucket handy, Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax Anywhere is the answer.

Safe for clear-coat paints!
Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash 64oz.
This premium Car Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner is a rich product which gently foams away tough dirt and road grime from your paint's surface without diminishing wax protection. The rich conditioners safely clean away dirt to reveal color and clarity of paint.


Meguiar's Professional Detailing Clay - Mild
Meguiar's professional Detailing Clay is the safe and chemical-free way to remove stubborn contamination from the surface of your paint. Simply lubricate paint with Mirror Glaze® #34 Final Inspection®, and gently wipe away bug debris, tree sap mist, road tar, paint overspray and other surface contamination. Use Detailing Clay before polishing or waxing for a smoother, more perfect gloss. Contains one 200 grams Mild Clay bar.


SwirlX 15.2oz.
SwirlX non-abrasive formula gently smooths away micro-fine swirl marks, cobweb-effect, and holograms on all paint finishes while improving color and clarity. SwirlX draws from Meguiar's professional body shop & detailing products expertise to deliver real results quickly, with minimum effort.
Used by hand or with DA or Random Orbital Polisher!

Meguiar's #105 Ultra-Cut Compound 32oz.
This totally new compound uses Meguiar's exclusive super-micro abrasive technology for leaving behind a best in class finish. The super-micro abrasives provide ultra-fast cutting for removing 1200 grit or finer sanding marks. Ultra-Cut Compound is also great for safely removing scratches, defects, acid rain and severe swirls/holograms.

For use by hand, DA Polisher or Rotary Polisher.

Cleaner Polish

Meguiar's #9 Swirl Remover 2.0 - Professional 16oz
Designed to remove shallow swirl marks, tiny scratches or other mild defects. Used as directed it is a safe way to carefully eliminate those annoying problems while also polishing, leaving a high-gloss shine. For long lasting protection, follow-up with an application of Meguiar's Professional #26 Yellow Wax.
For use by hand, orbital buffer, dual action polisher or rotary buffer.

Meguiar's #205 Ultra Finishing Polish 32oz
The advanced technology in Ultra Finishing Polish produces a deep gloss and rich swirl-free shine. Removes light swirls and fine defects from all paints. This product has a smooth buffing feel and fast wipe-off.

For use by hand, Orbital, DA or Rotary Polisher.

Pure Polish

Meguiar's #7 Show Car Glaze - Professional 16oz
Legendary on the show car circuit. For those who love the look of a hand-rubbed finish, Show Car Glaze is blended to deliver that deep, wet shine prized among car collectors. Its blend of rich polishing oils won't build up and it does not dry white. Safe and effective on all paint finishes.
For use by hand, orbital buffer or dual action polisher.

Meguiar's #6 Cleaner/Wax - Professional 16oz
Cleaner, Polish and Wax in one!
The right wax for many users is one that cleans, polishes and protects all in one simple step. Meguiar's Cleaner/Wax fills this need. Applied by hand or machine, it removes light oxidation and lays down an extremely durable high-gloss finish.
For use by hand, orbital buffer or dual action polisher.
16oz $12.00

64oz $28.00


Meguiar's #26 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax - Professional
Meguiar's Professional Hi-Tech Yellow wax is blended to enhance the depth of your car's color. This professional-grade formulation blends premium yellow carnauba wax with silicones, polymers and other specialty waxes providing maximum high gloss protection.
For use by hand, orbital buffer or dual action polisher.
Liquid 16oz or Paste 11oz $12.99

Attention Detailers &
Owners of car collections.

Save Money !

Buy Meguiar's Professional #26 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax in the one gallon size
Only $32.00

New! Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax. 16oz.
Meguiar's new Ultimate Liquid Wax provides maximum protection, durability and depth of color & reflectivity. The synthetic polymers crosslink to form a protective barrier that accurately reflects & amplifies light for incredible depth & mirror-like shine. Best of all, this totally new liquid formula synthetic wax will not turn trim white!

Liquid: $20.00
Paste: Sorry, out of stock


NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0.
Meguiar's has taken a great product and made it even better! NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 is a scientific breakthrough that introduces a new dimension of gloss and protection. The new and improved formula produces unbelievably deep, vibrant color and a dramatically clear wet-look. Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™ provides relentless water beading and protection against oxidation, corrosion, UV rays and surface degradation. If you like the original, you're going to love the improved NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0
Liquid 18oz $16.99

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