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Porter Cable 7424XP Random Orbital Polisher.
The new Porter Cable 7424XP Random Orbital Polisher upgrades the power and improves the ergonomics of their original industry standard 7424 polisher. The new 7424XP provides random, swirl-free polishing action that will not scratch or burn the paint or clear coat. It is powerful enough to safely and efficiently remove swirls, fine scratches and light oxidation, yet gentle enough to apply waxes and perform final buffing. Easy to use and safe for the beginner, the new 7424XP retains the durability and performance Porter Cable Polishers are known for. Simply put… Porter Cable has taken their best and most reliable polisher and made it better!
- New housing and switch design improves ergonomics and comfort during
extended use.
- More powerful 4.5 amp motor provides greater speed range (2,500-6,800
OPM) for fast or controlled polishing.
- 100% ball bearing construction for proven reliability under extended use.

- 6" Variable-Speed Random-Orbital Polisher 7424XP
- Porter Cable Polishing Pad 54745
- Wrench 48780
- Side Handle
- Operating manual


Lake Country Polisher Pads

We are proud to offer Lake Country 6 1/2" foam flat polisher pads. Lake Country Mfg. is the industry leader in premium machine polisher pads... Made in the USA!

These hook & loop (also known as Velcro back) pads work perfectly with the Porter-Cable 7424XP Random Orbital and Meguiar's DA Polisher machines with a 5 1/2" or 6" Velcro backing plate/pad holder attached.

Orange Pad - Light Cutting: For light to moderate imperfection removal.

White Pad - Polishing: For applying polishes, cleaner/polishes, cleaner/waxes and "all in one" products.

Gray Pad - Finishing: For applying waxes and sealants.

If you have questions on which is the right pad for your particular detailing situation, just give us a call. We will be happy to help.


Meguiar's 6" Velcro Backing Plate - Item DBP6

This 6 inch backing plate, also called pad holder is designed to work with the Porter-Cable 7424XP Random Orbital Polisher, Meguiar's DA Polishers or any DA polisher with a 5/16" diameter shaft. The flexible edges are precisely tuned so the disc contours over flat and curved surfaces.

6 1/2" foam polisher pads like the Lake Country 6" foam flat pads fit perfectly on this backing plate.


Lug Nut Brush

This little brush is designed to clean all sides of the lug nuts quickly and easily. Will NOT come apart as some foam lug nut brushes often do (no need to spend additional money on replacement brush heads here).

Simply immerse the brush into soapy water from your wash bucket, press it over the lug nut and turn. Removes built up road grime around the lug nuts in minutes.

$5.00 size: 2"x 2" x 8" long

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Shop Blower by Performance Tool

This little blower removes water from trapped areas in and around your car or motorcycle. Perfect for touch-less drying for your show vehicle. Also works as a great electric broom for the garage floor, sidewalks and clearing dust from work areas. Amazing blowing power in a light compact size.

  • 600W motor produces 75+ mph air flow and 16,000 max RPM
  • Large handle with lockable trigger
  • Includes vacuum bag
  • Weighs only 3.3lbs
  • Voltage: 120 V AC, 60Hz, Rated Power


New! Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit
The easy solution to repair severely damaged headlights. This user friendly sanding & buffing headlight restoration kit restores clarity to neglected, oxidized & scratched headlights. Plus, the Included Headlight Protectant provides UV protection & keeps restored headlights looking "like-new" longer.
Kit includes:

  • 1000 Unigrit Sanding Disc (Foam Finishing Disc)
  • 3000 Unigrit Sanding Disc (Foam Finishing Disc)
  • Unigrit Hand Pad
  • Drill-operated Easy-Buff Pad
  • PlastX
  • Supreme Shine MF Towel (X2010)
  • Headlight & Plastic Restorer (4 oz / 120 ml)


Meguiar's "Water Magnet"
This waffle textured drying towel absorbs up to three times the water of traditional towels to reduce drying time and create a spot free finish. This towel is soft and trimmed with premium satin edges to prevent scratching.
The large 22" x 30" size let's you dry quickly and it's washable so you can use it time and time again.


Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel

The perfect towel to use with your favorite
quick detailing product.

The Supreme Shine Microfiber is an incredibly plush and soft microfiber towel that produces an amazing mirror-like shine on all finishes. The thick, deep dual-sided microfiber pile absorbs 3X more than traditional terry towels and the satin edging eliminates the possibility of scratching. Large 16"x24" size

Exterior, interior and windows!

$8.00 3 per pack


Meguiar's Professional Grit Guard

A must have when washing your vehicle. Place Meguiar's Grit Guard in the bottom of most any 3½ - 5 Gal bucket to keep your wash mitt or sponge away from dirt and grime which settles in the bottom of your bucket. Prevents re-inflicting dirt back on your vehicle thus reducing the chances of inflicting swirl marks and fine scratches in the paint.


Convertible Top Brush
Recommended by the makers of RaggTopp convertible top products, this Natural Horse Hair Brush is non-abrasive, naturally soft, durable and designed exclusively to gently clean both fabric and vinyl convertible tops.

Also works great for cleaning cloth and vinyl interior materials.

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