Detailing Tips


Steps to a beautiful shine

1. Wash - To remove loose dirt and contaminants.
2. Surface Prep - Evaluate your paint to determine if there are above surface contaminants or surface defects (scratches, oxidation, stains) and use proper paint cleaner or scratch removal product.
3. Polish -To condition and shine the paint.
4. Wax - To provide a protective barrier
5. Maintain - To remove light surface contaminants frequently and maintain that just detailed appearance.

Detailing Tips

· Applying Polishes and Waxes by hand.
Use a clean foam, terry cloth or microfiber applicator designed for applying automotive finish products. Applicators distribute the product more evenly resulting in a better job.

Never use the same applicator to apply different products (cleaner, polish, wax etc). Yes, foam applicators can be washed, but the safest thing to do for your paint is start with fresh applicator for each type of product you apply.

· Removing Polishes and Waxes by hand.
Pros recommend using a true 100% cotton terry cloth towel (thicker and softer the better or quality microfiber towel. The plushness (or "nap" as it is sometimes called) of the towel, allows a place for dust or dirt particles to be collected away from the finish of your vehicle rather than being dragged across it as you remove the product thus reducing the chance for cloth inflected
swirl marks.

Be careful of inexpensive terry cloth or microfiber towels sold in bulk. They may be made from inferior quality materials and can leave lint or be too coarse for your paint's finish causing cloth inflected swirl marks or smears.

· Caring for your "car towels"
Wash car towels in a plain laundry detergent and avoid using use fabric softener.

The fabric softener puts a "sheen" on the material which makes it resist removing products off the vehicle. Or in other words, makes you have to work harder!

Never put microfiber towels in the dryer. The heat of the dryer will destroy the weave and make the microfiber towel become ineffective. Always let microfiber towels air dry. This is why we always recommend buying two towels.

· What is a "Glaze" and when to apply it?
The term "glaze" can mean different things depending on the manufacturer of the product. Within Meguiar's, a "glaze" is a polish used to shine the paint, and should be followed up by a wax to protect the paint finish.

Meguiar's Glazes can sometimes be pure polish such as #7 Show Car Glaze or #5 New Car Glaze. Or they can be a Cleaner/Polish such as #80 Speed Glaze. Visit to learn which is the right Glaze/Polish for your particular paint and needs.

· Cleaning your windows.
One trick we learned from the pros is when you are cleaning your windows, wipe
in one direction on one side, and the opposite direction on the other side. That
way if you have streaks, you can easily see which side of the window they are on
and avoid having to clean the entire window over again.

Use a quality microfiber towel to clean windows. They will do a better job than
paper towels.

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